CA State Route 160

Reminiscent of a bygone era, CA State Route 160 is akin to Route 66. The romance of Route 66 and alike, Route 160 lives on in close-knit communities that were bypassed by the Interstates, places like Isleton, Walnut Grove, and Locke, California.

In the early summer of 2019 we vacationed out to Discovery Bay, CA, just below the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. On Monday of our week we decided to explore our way up to Sacramento and followed the old highway that roughly parallels the Sacramento River, CA State Route 160 (and Hwy 84). It was a time-trip into our past. Remember those family vacations where your Dad stuffed the kids into the backseat and drove for hours to who-knows-where?

Being a photographer I often will haul along a big boy camera with the misguided reasoning that I’ll come across THE SHOT that had I NOT had said big boy camera with me I’d miss it of course and forever lament my stupidity. Haha!  for this trip I left all 500 pounds of big boy cameras back in Savannah, GA, and brought only my “necklace” (as Pam calls it), a Fujifilm X100-F.

The results were amazing in that I stopped worrying if I had the right lens (the Fuji has only one–and it’s glued on) I (simply) captured memories, snapshots of stories to tell.   

Thanks for watchin’.

Dan Kaufman : CA State Route 160 
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