The RUST NOT Series

When is rust not rust? When it is beauty in isolation. When it is not immediately apparent, sometimes the obvious is the most unobvious.

This Series began in early-August 2020 and got its legs over the following three months. Yet more appropriately, it began in 2014 evolving out the footsteps of the ROTHKO SERIES.

The ROTHKO SERIES found its mark in the hulls of container ships, in the Rothko-esque color-blocking of the moment: RUST NOT continues these gut reaction compositions with a focus on the beauty of degradation giving life.

One of my shipping industry partners, on seeing “the obvious” in these photos, that is, the rusting deterioration of a $10-million vessel, commented: ‘oh my gawd, take that one straight to dry-dock.’ I smiled in return but went on as I would to extol the beauty of the rust: ‘It’s not rust I said, it’s the beauty of life going on.’

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