These PASTEL SCENES are infrared images shot in the “Super Color” range of the spectrum.

The term Super Color refers to Infrared at 590nm. Most near Infrared photography is shot in the range of 400-900nm. At 590nm (Super Color) you will get an image that has four color tones: Red, Yellow, Blue & Cyan.

However, these “color tones”–red, yellow, blue, cyan are “names” that are familiar; they carry with them a prejudice, a preconceived opinion, of what “red” or “blue” is. In these Super Color Infrared images, the frequency range for “red” is not the same as the visible-light spectrum red we are familiar with.

In my MONO series of images, I make the statement that black and white removes the prejudice of color, it focuses more on the detail of structure. Here though our “prejudice of color” throws us for a loop: we “see” color but it’s not the color we expect for the object in the image as we know it. In most cases trees are green, not pink.

They “make you think” is the direction I was going with PASTEL SCENES.

These photographs are dated June 2016.

Dan Kaufman appreciates his Gallery partners.   If representation is listed for this image please contact the Gallery directly.

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