DECEMBER 28-31, 2021

A day or so post-Christmas…what’s a poor boy to do? Being said poor boy is a photographer: why a WALKABOUT of course! Thus, it being a beautiful Spring afternoon, I took off at a saunterish pace with my proverbial “necklace” (that’s how Pam refers to my Leica Q2M.) The images collected here will puzzle or surprise many a Savannahian traditionalist, for, so you know: we live in the Historic District of Savannah, and, as you see: these aren’t, by-and-large, “historical Savannah” photos. There are a few obvious exceptions: the Cathedral Peaks of St. John the Baptist. Needless to say, they, each, caught my eye: and that’s what I do: take pictures.

If you’re a Savannahian, a turista en Savannah estas vacaciones, or simply know Savannah’s Historic District:see if you can ID the what and where…and let me know;
I’ll send you a copy.

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