These ABSTRACT IMAGES are non-representational imagery, though they can be from found objects in nature, man made or figurative works, these are images that do not attempt to represent external reality, but seek to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and texture.

First Date Q2

First Date Q2 Shot with the Leica Q2: while shooting monochrom draws my attention to patterns and shapes of light, the Q2—a “regular” camera, draws my attention to characteristics and personalities enhanced by the emotions only color can expose. See the SLIDESHOW with a beat!

Day 3, Year 70

Day 3, Year 70 …was without question a good day: starting with the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory => LEICA Store Los Angeles => West Hollywood with my exceptional photography friend, Joel Mark, => LACMA…and dinner at Ray’s! Photographed with feeling: the Leica Q2 Monochrom, a remarkably versatile camera.

BH by Ed

BH by ED Continuing on a recent vacation to the left coast, on Day 1 or 2, who’s counting, I asked my good friend Ed to give us an insider’s tour of Beverly Hills. Did you know BH has an award winning cactus garden! Shot with the Leica Q2 Monochrom. I’m continually impressed: handheld on…

The W Hollywood

The W Hollywood A recent vacation, birthday party an’ all, to see HAMILTON, twice!, stayed at The W, across the street from the Pantages. These shots, with the Leica Q2 Monochrom, are in and around the valet parking court of The W Hollywood, lighting credits to The W. Music: Diamonds in the Sky by Yi…

FEBRUARY 3, 2022

Went for a neighborhood walkabout with Charles The King, the other day, in my extended neighborhood, if you will, pushing the boundaries of the Historic District of Savannah, Georgia, which I like, very much, to say: is a founding city of our nation. As I reviewed the shots of the day upon returning home, I…


My good friends Kevin Ryan and Meredith Sutton, veterans, founders, and operators, of Service Brewing Co. in Savannah, GA, host a weekly gig: BLUEGRASS BY THE PINT, featuring the mighty fine bluegrass band SWAMPTOOTH, down on Indian Street, Savannah, JoJa. My Pam and I usually attend on Friday nights; me with my “necklace”–which is how…